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English listening 01 : Matts - Dogs


Matts explains why his family has a special relationship with dogs.

Todd: Hello, Matt!

Matt: Hello, Todd!

Todd: Matt, I'm going to ask you some questions about pets.

Matt: OK.

Todd: The first question, do you have a pet?

Matt: Yes, my pet at my mom's house we have three pets; two dogs and a cat. My family actually raises dogs for helping blind people.

Todd: Oh, really?

Matt: Yeah.

Todd: Wow, like how do they train the dogs?

Matt: How do they train the dogs? Well, I mean it's a long process right? We get them when they're puppies and so we train them basic. You know, sit, come... really basic things. Then after they're about two years old they go to a different training school.

Todd: Oh, wow. That's great!

Matt: Yeah!

Todd: Well, how many dogs do they usually train at a time?

Matt: Oh, just one. We have our own dog and then we have a dog that we have that we are training.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Matt: Yeah, just one dog at a time.

Todd: Do you ever see the dogs you trained like out on the street or anything?

Matt: Sometimes we see them. They'll have sort of conventions of reunions of the pets. Yeah, you get to see them every once in a while.

Todd: Oh, wow! That's cool. Why do people keep pets?

Matt: I guess the most important thing is companionship, right? So there is always somebody there for you that will like you no matter what.

Todd: Yeah, that's true. OK. Besides cats, dogs, and fish, what are some other pets people keep?

Matt: Well, I guess if you are Siegfried and Roy you can keep a tiger or lion. I guess all types of things, don't they?

Todd: Yeah.

Matt: I mean, my friend has a snake. I don't know if you mention that snakes, ferrets and insects, spiders...

Todd: OK.

Matt: All kinds of things.

Todd: All right. Yeah, like there are so many. What are some costs associated with keeping a pet?

Matt: Food is probably the biggest cost. But also if you keep the dog, particularly a dog in your house when they are puppies and we have a lot of puppies they'll chew up everything they can so we're constantly replacing shoes and you know, cleaning up pee from the carpet and things like that. It can be a hassle.

Todd: Yeah, OK. Thanks a lot, Matt. By the way, where are you from?

Matt: I'm from the U.S.A., from Minnesota.


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