Apa itu Third Singular Person ?

Istilah dari third singular person atau orang ketiga tunggal adalah kata ganti (pronoun) yang menunjukan pada orang lain atau kelompok selain diri sendiri. dimana kata yang digunakan bisa tunggal atau jamak. Secara posisi penyebutan dapat di kelompokan ke dalam kelompok berikut:

Person                                           Words

First person ( orang pertama)         I dan we

Second person (orang kedua)        you

Third person (orang ketiga)            He, She, It They

Keterangan : Orang pertama menunjukan pada pembicara atau kelompok itu sendiri dengan menggunakan kata I dan we, sedangkan pada orang kedua dan ketiga menggunakan kata he, she, it dan they.

Perhatikan ilustrasi berikut ini :

Kata adalah yang berbicara sebagai first person, sedangkan kata you adalah second person adalah orang yang mendengarkan dan kata him adalah third person sebagai keterangan seseorang yang dibicarakan.


Todd: Okay, Katie, let's talk about your family.

Katie: Sure.

Todd: In your family, who gets up early?

Katie: My mom gets up early every day.

Todd: What time does she get up?

Katie: My mom gets up at 4:00 in the morning.

Todd: What?

Katie: Yes.

Todd: That's crazy.

Katie: But she also goes to bed very early.

Todd: What time?

Katie: She goes to bed at 7:00.

Todd: Wow, at 7:00?

Katie: At 7:00 every day.

Todd: Is everyone quiet in the family?

Katie: Oh, no. No, no, no.

Todd: Wow, that's amazing. Okay, so who stays up late?

Katie: Probably, me and my brother. We always stay up late.

Todd: Yeah? How late?

Katie: Well, when we were younger, we stayed up until 11:00. Which when you're a five or six-year-old, that's very late.

Todd: That is very late. Wow. What about TV? Who watches a lot of TV?

Katie: My dad. My dad watches a lot of TV.

Todd: Oh yeah, what does he watch?

Katie: He watches sports TV programs. He watches comedy programs. He watches everything.

Todd: Okay, yeah. Sounds like my dad. Now my dad falls asleep in front of the TV a lot.

Katie: Mine too.

Todd: Really?

Katie: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah. Okay, who cleans the house?

Katie: Sometimes, me and my brother will help clean the house. But mostly, it's my mom.

Todd: Oh right. Same. I think it's the same in everybody's house.

Katie: I think so too.

Todd: I know, poor mom.

Katie: Yeah.

Todd: Well, similarly, who cooks for the family? I bet it's your mom.

Katie: Nope. Actually, it's my dad.

Todd: Really? Oh great.

Katie: My dad is a chef.

Todd: Oh nice.

Katie: So he is very good at cooking meals.

Todd: Oh, what does he cook?

Katie: Lots and lots of stuff. Lots of British food, so a roast beef or fish and chips. Lots of British food.

Todd: I lived in England for one year. And I love Sunday roast.

Katie: Oh, me too.

Todd: It's so good.

Katie: I wish it was Sunday roast every day.

Todd: I know. Okay, in your family, who does the shopping?

Katie: Who do you think does the shopping in my family?

Todd: Your mother.

Katie: Of course. Yeah.

Todd: Oh wow.

Katie: I don't think my mother would be happy if my dad did the shopping.

Todd: Why?

Katie: My dad buys too many silly things that we don't need.

Todd: Ah, okay, I gotcha. All right, who makes you laugh?

Katie: Definitely, my dad makes me laugh.

Todd: Oh yeah, how?

Katie: My dad makes me laugh a lot. His sense of humor is very different from mine, so when he says a joke and nobody laughs, that makes me laugh.

Todd: Oh, right, yeah, that's funny. So sometimes, we argue with people. Who argues with you sometimes?

Katie: Not sometimes. All the time, I argue with my brother.

Todd: Oh really?

Katie: Yes.

Todd: What do you argue about?

Katie: Everything. Everything. We're very different people.

Todd: Okay, for example?

Katie: Can be even small things like the color T-shirt that someone is wearing, we will argue about it.

Todd: Right. That sounds like my sisters. So I have two older sisters, I never fight with either sister. Never. But my sisters fight all the time. Yeah. They love fighting.

Katie: I love fighting my brother.

Todd: Okay, so in your family, who helps you out a lot?

Katie: I hoped that we help each other out a lot. I don't think one person helps a lot of people. We all help each other.

Todd: Oh, wow, that sounds great. Thanks, Katie.

Katie: Thanks.